Point Reyes Photo Retreat

Along with my friend Jim, I attended another terrific weekend photography workshop at Point Reyes from October 7 to 9 led by professional photographer and teacher, Gary Crabbe. Unlike many of Gary’s previous workshops at Point Reyes, this one did have a sort of retreat quality and spent the entire weekend focused on just one location in the National Seashore – Limantour Beach.

I honestly wouldn’t have thought that this single location could provide enough variety to keep us occupied and interested for an entire weekend but it did. There is more to see and shoot than just the beach and ocean, of course, but more than that the weather cooperated beautifully. We had wonderful sunsets, particularly right after we arrived on Friday evening. And on Saturday morning, the sunrise provided entirely different perspectives. Even better, on Sunday morning, the thick fog that greeted us gave us a totally different way to focus our cameras, sometimes at the same scene captured just a day or two before. In addition, I occasionally practiced seeing, and then shooting, some of the the smaller, more tightly composed, aspects of landscape photography (something that Gary helped me learn to see better on one of our previous outings).

I’m still processing some of my shots but have already put several of them up on http://www.CedBennett.Photography (eight, at the time of this writing). They can be found under the Places > United States > California > San Francisco Bay Area menu or under Special Subjects > US National Parks > Point Reyes menu. Also, because they are new shots, they’ll also appear under the What’s New menu item – but for a limited time.

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