Message Sent to Photosite Subscribers

I just finished writing a message (see below the line) alerting my CedBennett.Photography subscribers that there are many new photos available to view since the last message was sent out in June 2016. I also updated them on changes to my website including the addition of a Wildlife section and the creation of this new Blog platform.

Happy New Year (almost here),

I’m sticking with my promise to not clutter your email with messages about photographs at my CedBennett.Photography website – this is my second message of 2016 since writing to you last in June. Since then I’ve selected more than fifty new images to add representing Maui, Alaska, Oregon, Lake Tahoe (California & Nevada), Point Reyes (California), New York, and my own backyard. Some of these images have also been posted to Facebook, Google+, and (most recently) Instagram.

Of course, there are many other images available on the site which you can reach via various menu choices but if you would like to restrict yourself to just the new ones, click the menu link What’s New; the photos in that gallery are arranged in reverse chronological order so the last photo taken appears first. That section  currently features all photos added since February 2016.

Once at the What’s New gallery (or any gallery/album), click on the first square photo thumbnail to see it much larger and at its correct aspect ratio (these photos are best viewed as large as possible). After that you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to see the next photo (or use your mouse to click on the right side of the image). Hovering your mouse over the photo will also temporarily show a title and caption at the bottom (which will at least give you an idea of where it was taken).

I’ve also made a couple of changes to the website:

  1. Although I am not a wildlife photographer (that is, I don’t go out specifically to get wildlife photos) I still do occasionally manage to catch an image of some animal(s) in the wild. There are now a couple of dozen wildlife images across various albums so I decided to also show them in a new Wildlife section under the Special Subjects menu item.
  2.  There has always been a Blog menu item (that led to a very few blog items. It turns out that while the (Smugmug) software that supports my website is excellent for presenting photographs, it is not as useful for blogging. I’m not an everyday blogger but there are times when I feel the desire to write something more (about the places we visit, about changes to the website, etc.). So I decided to move that kind of writing to a more blog-friendly platform where I’d be more likely to actually use it from time to time. It can be found at or by simply clicking on the Blog menu item in CedBennett.Photography (where it will open the blog in a new tab so you can easily return to the photography site).
    1.  The new WordPress Blog site has several articles which might be of interest, particularly two which describe different parts of our trip to Alaska and another which provides access to a PDF version of a coffee table book of our Alaskan adventure.

Check it all out and hopefully enjoy,


PS: As usual, if you would prefer to not receive these very occasional email messages, just drop me a note by return email and I’ll remove your name from the list.

PPS: On the other hand, if you know someone who might also enjoy viewing my photos, just send me their name and email address (hopefully with their okay) and I’ll add them to my list and send them a copy of this email.





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