A week at South Shore

August 6-13, 2016

We just returned from a restful week at Lake Tahoe, mostly taking it easy, watching some of the Rio Olympics, having some nice dinners out, and enjoying the mild weather.

Lake Tahoe map

A few days into our stay, I scouted a couple of photo sites for sunrise possibilities. One of them was just north of Sand Harbor (Nevada) State Park on the east side of the lake (marked on the map with an arrow at the upper right). The other was on the California side facing east overlooking Emerald Bay and Lake Tahoe beyond (arrow at the lower left).

North of Sand Harbor
North of Sand Harbor

Then, on the following two mornings, I left my warm bed during the dark and early to reach each site just before sunrise. The phone shot on the right shows the vertical scramble to reach that sort of flat, triangular rock over the water where I setup my tripod and shot different views of the lake shore as the sun was just beginning to make an appearance.

To reach this location, I parked at Memorial Point (where there are some marked parking places and, more importantly, rest rooms) and then hiked about a quarter of a mile south to the photo location. I didn’t see another person until I was almost done with the session when an early morning paddle-boarder glided by about 100 yards offshore (see photo header, above).

Above Emerald Bay
Above Emerald Bay

The phone image on the left shows a similar view of the slightly more difficult rock climb down to the top of a cliff face next to Eagle Falls (upper right corner of the frame). That’s where I setup and captured some images of the falls as well as the sun rising over the mountains across the lake. This much more popular location was not as deserted as Memorial Point. I saw other photographer’s in the area and was joined by a pair not long after I started shooting.

I’ve only processed a couple of the pictures from these two outings at this point since I’m still working on finishing the photos from our Alaska adventure in July. It took me a while to get back to these images since I’d not finished processing photos from part of our Alaska adventure in July. You can see the posted images (two a few from each location) by going to my Ced Bennett Photography site and clicking on Places, choosing United States, clicking on North Eastern California, and then clicking on the first thumbnail photo to see the complete images larger. Or you can go directly to that gallery by clicking this link.

[Republished after finishing photo processing and updating this post]

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