Blog format changed / updated

After posting on my new WordPress blog site for awhile, I began to feel that a format which provided a bit more of an idea about a post’s content might be more useful to a reader. So, after looking around at many of the setups provided by WP, I settled (at least for now) on one which provides not only the post’s title on the home page but also a few lines from the beginning of the actual post content.

At the same time I decided that adding an image to any post that was referencing photos recently added to my Ced Bennett Photography website might also be helpful. In most cases, the photos I’ve used to help identify the blog content are not repeats of the photos that are on the photography site (sort of an added reader bonus, I hope).

I find that I’m (finally) pretty much caught up posting photos from our recent travel – with the exception of a few I expect to adding soon from the early August Lake Tahoe trip.

Please let me know, through comments on any post, if you are finding the blog useful or, at least, interesting or if you have any questions or suggestions.

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