A brief Portland area visit

July 13-16, 2016

Our visit to the Portland, Oregon was the last stop on our Alaskan adventure – mostly added on so we could spend just a bit more time with wonderful friends we see too infrequently before returning home to California and they to Florida. They had already visited Denali on prior trips and so had opted to stay in the west by checking out Portland while we got our additional taste of the-land-of-the-midnight-sun [see Blog post North, to Alaska (2)].

Horsetail Falls
Horsetail Falls

They very much enjoyed the extra time they spent exploring Portland and some of its environs and, because they knew we were particularly interested in seeing the Columbia River Gorge, put that on the back burner until we arrived (and arranged for a personally guided tour of that area for us all).

We visited a couple of the very scenic overlooks of the river, spent some time photographing several of the beautiful waterfalls that seem to line the river, explored a fish hatchery, had lunch at a popular outdoor eatery by the river, and saw the many of the bridges that cross the natural border between Oregon and Washington.

We even stopped at a winery in the town of Hood River for some afternoon snacks and some wine tasting (the snacks were okay but the wine not particularly to our taste). Field of Lavender After spending about half the day exploring the Gorge, we turned toward Mount Hood. Along the way we got a fairly clear photo op view of the mountain and also came across a lavender field.

Eventually, we reached the Mount Hood Lodge, perched very close to the top of the mountain. The lodge itself was a magnificent example of WPA-era architecture and artistry.  And the location offered amazing views of the surrounding country side. We returned to our hotel in Clackamas, ending the full day tour.

Mount Jefferson
Mount Jefferson (about 50 miles south) and nearly 40 miles beyond that, South Sister

The following day, we did some more self-touring of the City of Portland (I kept my camera in the bag and just enjoyed wandering around the town). The following day we headed for the airport and said our goodbyes (until next time).

I’ve posted a few photos from this trip segment, in the Places > United States > Oregon & Idaho gallery of the Ced Bennett Photography website (in reverse chronological order – most recent photo taken is at the top). Or you can reach it directly by clicking on this link.

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